Shaun Butler

Consultation Classifieds

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Consult with services and products to better help you.

  • Arrange for Relocation Needs or Wants

  •  Post Articles on various political topics that are informal/ niche

  • Give Idea for Logo

  • Locate a Service or Product You Need

  • Suggest songs or themes for your Events/ Flyers

  • Suggest books

  • Offer Quality & Economical Web Site for your startup, portfolio, or campaign

  • Compare Rates for Hostels, Apartments, Guest Spots along w/ Airfare

Packages Offered

  • Suggest Books for the Year

    This can most likely be done in an hour. I can suggest books that can match your interest, if interested in new, recreation or research project.

    $25 in 12 hours

  • Transitioning or Nomad

    Are you in middle of downsizing or relocating? I can give consultation to shipping and still being able to collect your mail without much disruption.

    $50 in 72 hours

  • Select a Theme

    I am available to select a variety of theme, song, or soundtrack for your event, film or art work. Limit of 2 to starter package.

    $20 in 48 hours